Standart dog tag comes with:

- One size is Collaroid design, other side is fully customize
- Tags come with a matching split ring to compliment the eyelet color of your choice
- Excellent quality 100% leather
- Diameter of circle 3.5 cm
- Laser engraved graphics
- Edges of the leather have been burnished, edge coated & waxed to ensure no frays!

Personalization options:

- We have 3.5 cm diameter circle where you can choose what we can engrave. We can engrave, text, simbols or picture!


Sample nr.1:

- First line (Pets name) 
- Second line - (Contact number)

- Third line- (home address)


Sample nr.2:


- "OH SHIT I'M LOST Please Call my mom/dad she/he is ugly crying 

- Phone number

*other options may also be available on request*


**** We can offer customize both sides or more then one tag, please write to us with your idea!****

Personalized handmade leather dog tag

Dog Tag Color
  • Custom Handcrafted Leather Pet Identification Tag. A stylish, durable alternative to traditional metal tags.


    Dog tag are  3.5 cm diameter with small hole in the top. Tags comes with silver shiny metal parts.


How to measure your dog for handmade Collar, Harness 



Every product like Collar, Leash, Harness and etc. is hand made with love!


Items are machine washable! (Use washing bag to care machine and hardware, up 40C)

Easy to use!

Metal hardware parts are with easy click buckles! To easy usage!

Fresh water!

All collars are Fresh water proof, don’t use this item in salt water to prevent damage!