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W​hat are the biggest summer dangers for our four-legged friends and how to prevent any complication

I​ have no doubts that we all love summer. Trees and flowers are blooming; you can finally enjoy nature and stay outdoors together with your pets. Depending on the region you are from or the place where you are enjoying summer, there can be various dangers we have to take into consideration in order to keep our pets safe.

With all the time our pets are spending time outdoors, playing and running around, the biggest danger is ticks. One of the reasons why is it so, is the fact that it is so small, and depending on the color of the fur of your pet it can be quite hard to notice it in a short time.

T​icks usually appear on the long grass; therefore, it is very easy to collect them. In case you are spending time in the forest or even sometimes in the city, it is important to take a look within 24 hours. Ticks are usually dark brown or black, so it is relatively easy to spot them on the light fur and try to remove them yourself. However, if your pet has dark fur, you can check the most common areas that have the softest skin. For instance, paws, ears and neck. You can give an attempt to remove it yourself.

F​ollow these steps:

1​. Spread your pet’s fur

2. Pour some drops of virgin olive oil to make the tick choked

2​. Grab tweezer

3​. Grip the tick as close to the skin as possible

4​. Very gently pull straight upward

I​t can sound very complicated, but if you follow the above steps you can prevent spreading possible infections into the bite area.

I​n case you did not succeed, try to make an appointment at the vet within 24 hours.

T​he second biggest danger in the summertime is of course dehydration. Animals should always have fresh, clean water available. Carry portable water bottles on walks and bring them on vacation or long car rides. Pets with dark or very thick fur are more likely to suffer from heat stress.

T​ake care of yourself and your beloved ones!

T​o the safe pets!

W​ith BIG Love,


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